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Glass Pendant Lighting Makes a Bold Statement

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Whether you are an interior designer or simply a homeowner looking for a change, glass pendant lights are a popular choice for almost every room in your home. One of the biggest challenges of choosing the right lighting for your home is the ability to balance style with functionality, but with glass pendant lighting, the guesswork is almost completely taken out.

Glass pendant lights come in many forms, from thin strings hanging from the ceiling holding tiny shades with simple lighting to large hanging chains with elaborate metal cages or intricately designed coverings. Pendant light works well in rooms in which you need direct lighting shinning down on you. While one pendant light looks attractive on its own, many people choose to hang several in a row or in other patterns in order to increase their illumination and stylish presence. In addition to providing light and ambiance, they are also an ideal choice in a room with limited space as they take up rather small amounts of room and can make a striking statement, whether single or grouped together.

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The New Classic

Glass pendant lights have been a popular choice in homes, business, cathedrals and even public building hallways for many years, and considering their versatility and opulent beauty, this comes as no surprise. Glass pendant lights make an individual statement in each room in which they are installed, and whether they stand alone or are positioned in a group, the eye of whomever sees them is immediately drawn in their direction.
Glass pendant lights serve as more than just a way of illuminating your home, however – they are a simple, classy way to modernize a room with a classic style utilizing a vintage design with state-of-the-art lighting technology. Today, many of the classic lighting styles are outfitted with more durable materials than in years past and also feature LED light bulbs, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and last nearly 50 times longer than the traditional incandescent light bulbs.
Glass pendant lighting isn’t just for those interested in a dose of nostalgia, however. Many modern designs with bold colours and large statement adornments can be easily incorporated into your home lighting scheme to give you a standout design that adds a breath of fresh air to any room.
Visit an online Canadian showroom today and enjoy the convenience and money-saving experience of shopping for your glass pendant lights without ever having to leave the comfort of the home.